Egriculture (Ë-gri-cul-ture):
Electronic Agriculture; The science, art and business of cultivating the existing internet terrain, through the application of a direct online marketing strategy, to nurture your business's growth. Noun

To optimize websites for top search engine ranking; to create stunning, dynamic and engaging websites. Adj.

The most overlooked resource for marketing your business, industry, or service, is the Internet. Its ability to attract new business, impress existing clients, present a corporate image, and elicit interest, is its' most valuable commodity. As such, finding a design company to produce a commercially successful website is essential.

But, is that enough?!

It's one thing to have an exciting, vibrant, well designed website, but if it isn't reaching your TARGET MARKET, all was for not. E-griculture answers this need by providing you with the design expertise, and marketing know-how, necessary for a successful internet presence. is a collection of talented individuals, focused on providing companies with the tools to effectively market themselves globally on the Internet. The E-griculture team combines our knowledge of graphic design, emerging internet technologies, strong online marketing sensibilities, and expansive search engine research, to create top quality, new media products, and winning online marketing strategies for our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

"It's as if someone turned on a switch" (referring to traffic to his site)

Mathew Day

"I have received compliments from many people. They say, you're (website is) everywhere.

I would like to congradulate Egriculture for the involvement in helping Samco Machinery have it's best year ever in 2002 and look forward to doing future business together" more..

Lisa Repovs,
Marketing Director

"Our clients love the new interactive design to our website and giving them direct access to all our forms and timetables has greatly reduced the demands on the staff. The design gives a great first impression and really conveys our enthusiasm, fun and professionalism we desired."

Ellen Howard
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