Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine marketing tools and services provide your business with the necessary exposure to attract more customers. Often underestimated, internet marketing is a required part of any business, if that business is expected to grow. With the increasing importance of Digital Technology and the Internet, marketing and sales has taken on a whole new meaning in terms of audience-reaching potential. Your potential is unlimited! In this environment it would be unthinkable not to take advantage of this opportunity to market your products or services using the latest in search engine technologies.

In order to market your business effectively on the Net, you will need to know these facts: You Must Know:

  • ALL the keyword strings (phrases) you might convert to sales (usually there are hundreds of them). You can't afford to miss any.
  • The REAL cost to compete on the Internet based on the keyword strings. Costs that will turn into PROFITS!
  • Which search engines are effective.
  • How much to pay. This doesn't mean paying the most.
  • What your competitors are paying.
  • Which engines use spidering, and how to attract those spiders to the keywords you need.
  • Be aware every time the engines change how they do business. (They have been known to change as often as twice a year).
  • When a particular search engine is down (Some have been down as long as 6 months at a time.)
  • When a search engine is accepting submissions, and when they are not.
  • How a search engine takes submissions.
  • The kind of content a search engine feels is relevant, and what it feels is not.
  • What technology on your site would hurt your search engine rankings and what will help.
  • Understanding marketing through the search engines is a FULL-TIME job with lots of homework.

Why you should invest in Egriculture's Guaranteed search engine placement:

Traffic: this can determine how much business you receive through the Internet. A revenue/profit stream that is, most likely, grossly undervalued by your business. We can regulate traffic to your website according to your budget and requirements.

Reach: your search results reach 75% of all Internet users, using major search engines. With our guaranteed placement, we guarantee your search results reach that percentage of users.

Effectiveness: Targeted keywords equals' targeted traffic. Through your list, your site will be on top when Internet users search for something related to your business.

"While it is true that paid services are usurping what once was the domain of specialists, no in-house marketing division of any sized company can properly handle the complexities of being listed in all the best places without utilizing specialists, (not media buyers)."

"Finally there exists published evidence that you must change content and code at the destination site for optimal placement; that you might not be smart to buy traffic from the SEO that says otherwise. Even when you utilize a feed service, most setups require some code and content enhancement for the job, and that requires a specialist! To say avoid SEO but add Overture, AdWords and Looksmart to media plans is ridiculous and completely ignorant of the world of search beyond paid placement."
Detlev Johnson Moderator I-Search